Installing your Piccolo

Piccolo installation can generally be handled over the telephone  or internet, and each Piccolo includes an introductory DVD to answer general questions. Ample space should be provided for your  lab operation.   Always follow good laboratory practices.

Piccolo User Training

It is true that the Piccolo is simple to use and requires little training. however managing lab results, record keeping and following good laboratory practices may require more attention.  Piccolo training can be conducted via live webcam, on-site with your staff, or via telephone for experienced users.


Abaxis Proactive Follow-up

Abaxis technical service representatives are here to help your lab remain in tip top shape.  Our technical service representatives will contact you proactively to answer questions and ensure optimal Piccolo operation after your installation and training on days 3, 30 ,60, 90 and 120.

Abaxis Technical Service

Delighting our customers with more than just reliable, lab-accurate chemistry results is the mission of everyone at Abaxis.  Our technical service department is available to help you with nearly any aspect of your lab operation. For any installation, technical or clinical questions, contact Abaxis technical service at 1-800-822-2947.  Or click the button below to fill out an email support form.



The Piccolo includes 4 USB ports and 1 ethernet port that support bi=directional connectivity.  Currently, the Piccolo can transmit data in ASCII, ASTM, XML and HL7.  Check with your EMR or LIS provider for information on connecting your Piccolo.

Abaxis provides a free utility called Data Manager that will connect your Piccolo to a PC and will create a PDF ad XML file that can be used for electronic patient records.