Piccolo Reagent Disc Overview

The Piccolo reagent disc is composed of three ultrasonically welded plastic parts that contain the diluent, dry reagent beads and barcode.  With it, care providers can perform a complete panel of up to 14 chemistry tests on-site in about 12 minutes.

Brilliantly Simple

Using a small 100μL whole blood sample, the Piccolo employs unique microfluidics to centrifuge and separate the plasma, calibrate the instrument, perform QC functions on the disc, mix the diluted plasma, rehydrate the reagent beads, monitor up to 28 enzymatic reactions on 9 distinct wavelengths and record, report and transmit the results.


Patented Lyophilization

Our patented lyophilization process freezes chemistry reagents into precise dry micro-beads.  These beads, called ORBOS® are positioned into special cuvette wells ensuring the proper sample to chemistry ratio when run. 

Listen to the Experts


The technology inside the Piccolo is genius. What Abaxis has been able to accomplish with just an 8cm plastic disc… it can literally transform healthcare."

David Seccombe
President and CEO CEQAL

Now that our office has the capability of running CMP, Lipids and Liver Panels in house within 12 minutes, our patients no longer have to wait 24 hours for their results. Plans of care can literally begin immediately.”

Terina McKinney
Hinkebein, Davis and McCormick

The Piccolo has made it possible for even our smaller labs to provide quality, cost efficient, and timely chemistry results. In turn, the overall quality of patient care and satisfaction has increased. Piccolo has made the difference. We installed them in five sites and we would not want to be without them.”

Karen Jurcsak
Lab Manager, New York Oncology Hematology

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