Piccolo Correlations

The Piccolo® is installed and working daily at some of the finest healthcare institutions in the world.  These institutions perform rigorous correlation studies to ensure alignment between the core lab values and the results that are provided at the point-of-care.   Consistency of lab values throughout the institution is paramount to adoption, utility and trust. 

Enzymatic vs. ISE

An important distinction in determining good correlation is the test methods being used. The two main detection methods are enzymatic, and ISE (ion selective electrode). Enzymatic uses colormetric reactions to determine values, while ISE uses electric charges to deterine test values.   For sensitive assays like sodium and potassium, there is a natural and consistent bias that occurs between the two test methods. When using two disparate methods, adjustments should be made to accomodate the consistent bias


Correlation Support

Abaxis is committed to ensuring your success.   If you plan on establishing a correlation between the Piccolo and an established core analyzer, our technical service team will assist and support your mission.  We have established protocols to ensure that your correlation is successful.

Published Studies

Since the Piccolo was introduced there have been many successful private correlations conducted with nearly every high throughput chemistry analyzer, however only a handful have gone through the extra step to publish their studies.  Below are a few of the studies which have been published over the years.