Piccolo CLIA Waivers

Our 26 CLIA waived tests represent the broadest waived menu available from a single platform. The Piccolo offers everything from lipids and electrolytes to liver, kidney and metabolic function including the only CLIA waived CMP.

Simple to use

The first step to obtaining CLIA waived status is delivering a test that is so simple to use, that any untrained user can perform the test with minimal instruction.  The beauty of the Piccolo discs is that everything is contained and all the user needs to master is the sample pipetting.


Error-free operation

The second step in obtaining a CLIA waiver is to provide reproducible, erroneus-free results.  This is the hard part, and the Piccolo reagent discs pass with flying colors. Automatic calibration and built-in intelligent quality control measures ensure performance and results you can trust.

Small whole-blood sample

Only 100 microliters of whole-blood, serum or plasma are required for the Piccolo reagent discs.  That’s only 3-4 drops.  Venous draw is recommended for most of the tests on the Piccolo menu, however our lipid panels are approved and CLIA waived for capillary draw. The Piccolo is the only point-of-care analyzer to offer a lipid panel with liver function under a capillary draw for medication therapy management.


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