Piccolo iQC

The Piccolo Xpress iQC technology is built-in intelligent quality control that continuously monitors the analyzer reagent reactions and sample and mix ratios to ensure the highest quality, accurate and reproducible results.

How iQC Works

Providing accurate results for every disc and every patient run is no small challenge.  That’s where the Piccolo iQC system excels. iQC verifies the composition and delivery of each chemistry reaction, monitors the microfluidics and homogenous sample mixing. validates the performance of internal optical components, and audits the conversion of light absorbance into digital values for use in mathematical algorithms.

Specialized Cuvettes

On each Piccolo reagent disc, there are 28 wells or “cuvettes” that handle the chemistry reactions, as well as specialized functions for minimum and maximum absorbance checks, instument, temperature, humidity and QC checks, sample management and bead mixing.


Handling Interferents

The Piccolo iQC system also measures the amount of hemolysis, lipemia and icterus in the sample and will suppress  any questionable results that could be impacted by sample intereferents.  Additionally, iQC also monitors like chemistry reactions to ensure optimal performance.