Benefit Background

Efficient Visits

With the Piccolo’s speed and  broad menu of lab-accurate chemistry tests, care providers can diagnose and treat in a single visit, thereby increasing care efficiency and practice throughput and staff efficiency.

Expanded Capabilities

Clinically, there’s no doubt to the usefulness of the Piccolo menu.  Confidently monitor your prescribed medications and treatment regimens with a battery of diagnostic-grade test results for metabolic function, liver, kidney, lipids, enzymes, minerals and more.

Piccolo Patient Satisfaction

Increases Patient Satisfaction

With the Piccolo deployed in the patient setting, care providers can diagnose and treat conditions in a single patient visit.  This shortens the time from presentation to treatment planning, and patients begin therapies faster, with greater compliance and satisfaction - which are keys to a successful clinical outcome. 

panels background

Reimbursable Panels

In the US and other world markets with multi-payer systems, Piccolo panels are reimbursed by most payers and government healthcare agencies. Combined with greater efficiencies in care delivery and improved outcomes, the Piccolo can contribute to overall practice profitability.

Research Background

See how it works

Watch a short video demonstration of the Piccolo Xpress chemistry analyzer in action.