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Pre-surgical Evaluation

Pre-surgical Evaluation

The AVC team is focused on helping you optimize pre-surgical blood testing in your hospital. Working with the AVC Veterinarian and Business Concierge, the veterinary staff will be given tools, client education handouts and training. These tools will help clients understand the risks of anesthesia, the importance of pre-surgical testing and the test's ability to help the veterinary staff make correct choices about anesthetic protocols and increase surgical safety. 

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Preventive Care

AVC will help formalize a specific program for your hospital and your team to offer your clients preventive care. Your Business Concierge will work with you to customize forms and documents used to outline your preventive care program. Your AVC Veterinarian will outline the added value of offering preventive care in your practice and explain cost savings for providing this service to your patients. 

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Illness Monitoring

Older patients can develop underlying disease (i.e. seizures, renal disease, hypothyroidism) and will need to be monitored and treated as part of the lifelong care of the pet. Your AVC Veterinarian and Business Concierge team will provide marketing and monitoring strategies to educate your clients on the importance of routine bloodwork.