Lab-accurate pediatric bilirubins, lipids, electrolytes and more.

The rapid development of the human body from newborn through adolescence creates many challenges for pediatric caregivers.  Whether addressing jaundice in a preemie, childhood obesity, teenage physicals or other conditions, pediatricians across the U.S. are enjoying on-site chemistry results with the Piccolo.  With a small 100 microliter sample, pediatric providers can run a battery of up to 14 tests on a patient in less than 12 minutes.

Hospitals and ER

Hospitals and IDNs are realizing the benefits of POCT.

Point-of-care diagnostics are commonplace within today’s Integrated Delivery Networks.  Hospital administrators, care providers and laboratorians know that in order to thrive in the new Accountable Care “shared savings” environment, treatment plans must be delivered faster, more comprehensively and with accurate information.  The inefficiencies of the spoke-and-hub method of shuttling samples to and from the central laboratory are magnified as systems expand their reach.  Many Lab Directors and Point-of-Care Coordinators are e


On-site lab-accurate chemistry for Oncology Centers.

Today’s chemotherapy pharmaceuticals are amazing, effective and intense.  However, titrating the chemo mix to fit the unique nature of the patient is more of an art form.  This is where accurate blood chemistry results are especially useful.  Maintaining the delicate blood chemistry balance of vital organ systems is critical to maximizing the efficacy of treatments.  This is the daily tightrope oncologists must navigate.  With on-site, lab-accurate, comprehensive chemistry results in minutes, oncologists can have up-to-the minut

Long Term Care

Reduce hospital readmissions with on-site diagnostics.

Long term care centers face significant challenges in managing off-site lab results.  Not only are there costs associated with collecting and transporting patient samples, but turn-around times for lab results can delay necessary treatment regimens.  Additionally in the long term care center, labs are usually drawn once a day in the early morning hours – which is a disruption of patient’s sleep and healing process.  This cost of treatment delays, managing samples and healing process disruption can cause an increase in hospital

Urgent Care

Setting a new standard of care for Urgent Care

Urgent Care centers across the United States are choosing the Piccolo as their on-site laboratory solution.  The Piccolo allows Urgent Care clinics to diagnose and treat a broad variety of conditions on-site with confidence.  No matter what conditions walk in the door, the Piccolo is ready with comprehensive, lab-accurate blood chemistry results in minutes.  

Primary Care

Diagnose and treat your patients in a single visit

Perhaps more than any other specialty, Primary Care physicians rely on accurate blood chemistry results to diagnose and monitor their patients’ conditions.  This is where the Piccolo comes into focus.  With its comprehensive menu of 30 tests across 15 panels, the Piccolo allows PCPs to address the majority of their routine abnormal results on-site, in minutes.


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