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What to expect from the AVC Program?


Abaxis Veterinary Consulting will provide your hospital team an AVC Veterinarian who you can have 1:1 discussions with on how to refine your preventive care program to meet your practice needs. You will also have an AVC Business Concierge that will provide and outline tools and guidelines to help optimize your clinical diagnostics. To celebrate success, AVC offers an incentive program for the whole hospital team to help increase participation and engagement in reaching your goals throughout your AVC experience.


Your AVC Veterinarian

Watch how AVC can help add value to your practice.

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The AVC Veterinarian

AVC offers each hospital 1:1 time with their local AVC Veterinarian who will:

  • Discuss how to communicate with clients to make educated decisions on the wellness of their pets.

  • Discuss preventive testing protocols and programs to implement in your practice.

  • Discuss the AVC tools and how to best utilize them with each preventive program. 
About Abaxis AVC

The AVC Business Concierge

AVC has a dedicated team of RVTs to meet your hospital needs such as:

  • Providing your hospital tools and services needed to begin the consulting service.
  • Setting up team training with our AVC Veterinarian and your hospital.
  • Providing your hospital with equipment and customized materials to help optimize the preventive programs AVC offers.