Bringing choices and versatility to large animal zoo diagnostics

Thousands of veterinarians, hospitals, ranches, and zoo laboratories trust Abaxis Diagnostics to provide easy, reliable and accurate results.

Abaxis Truly Delivers


Abaxis offers a trusted single source for all of your veterinary diagnostics and herd health monitoring.

In your lab or in your truck, the VS2 delivers state of the art chemistry, electrolytes, immunoassay, and blood gas with uncompromising accuracy and iQC on every run
The HM5, with superior performance, ease of use, true database management and minimal maintenance make it the optimal hematology system for large animal facilities.
A hand-held cage side analyzer to obtain minimal clinical database, hematocrit, blood gas, chemistry and other analytes within 2 minutes utilizing 2 drops of blood.


Michele Miller, DVM, MS, MPH, PhD

The availability of rapid health assessment using the Abaxis VETSCAN VS2 is the one tool in improiving our knowledge in the wildlife medicine field.

Michele Miller, DVM, MS, MPH, PhD

NRF South African Research Chair (SARChI) in Animal TB


Veterinary Reference Center

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