Complimentary consulting and training for your practice

The Abaxis Veterinary Consulting (AVC) Program is exclusively for Abaxis customers in North America. It provides the tools and professional training necessary for you and your team to improve existing practice diagnostics and client compliance.

Abaxis’ mission has always been to provide our customers with the best customer service in the industry. The AVC program is a unique and valuable customer service program exclusively to Abaxis customers. The AVC goal is to see that you get the most out of your analyzers by offering you a dedicated team of Abaxis Veterinary professionals dedicated to your practice to assist you in getting the most out of your Abaxis diagnostic laboratory. We understand the challenges veterinarians are facing today and believe that your analyzers can help you achieve your hospital’s medical and financial goals. We created the Abaxis Veterinary Consulting group as a value-added service to increase utilization of your analyzers. Our program provides you with:

• Team training by Abaxis veterinarians on how to implement proven methods to increase blood work compliance
• Personalized forms and client education marketing materials
• A dedicated team to help reach your goals and ensure success
• Techniques to help increase customer service and retention
• Educational programs to increase practice profitability by seeing your patients more regularly


The AVC Program

Watch how AVC can help your hospital team increase blood work compliance using your Abaxis diagnostic equipment.


Your AVC Team

AVC offers you a personal team of veterinary professionals that will provide the necessary training for you and your staff to better serve your patients and increase practice profitability. 


Boomerang Vet

AVC offers Boomerang Vet, an added resource that provides a proven solution for practices AND pet owners! Learn more about other program offerings provided by your AVC team. 


Preventive Care Programs

Which preventive program is right for your hospital team? AVC will outline three distinct preventive care programs that your practice will benefit from.

The 'Buzz' on AVC

Hear what other Veterinarians are saying about point of care diagnostics. 


Having the Rapid Tests has changed the game. Being able to quickly run the test and get accurate results - that has been a tremendous benefit to our medical center.

Dr. Cristie Kamiya
Humane Society Silicon Valley, Milpitas, CA

By implementing a point of care regimen, the diagnostic protocols  will not only improve blood work compliance, but also allow the veterinarian to provide treatment options to the client during the patient visit."

Craig Tockman, DVM / Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Abaxis, Union City, CA
AVC Veterinarian

The AVC program is remarkable. The program really trained my staff to be able to speak to our clients about bloodwork, so it's not a surprise when I recommend preventive bloodwork to the client. The tools that AVC has provided have also been invaluable.

Alex Casuccio, DVM, AVC Customer
Scottsdale Animal Healthcare, Scottsdale, AZ

[It] fits in with my practice. I hate waiting for results. I love having the test results there so that I can put the entire picture together for a client and let them know what's going on with their patient and then that way I can effectively tailor the treatment option for them." 

Heidi Ward, DVM, DACVIM / Gulfcoast Veterinary Oncology/Internal Medicine, Sarasota, FL
Heidi Ward, DVM, DACVIM / Gulfcoast Veterinary Oncology/Internal Medicine, Sarasota, FL