VetScan i-STAT 1 Analyzer

Installation Guide

Step 1: Unpacking

  1. Remove the VetScan i-STAT 1 Analyzer from the shipping carton.
  2. Check the components received with the VetScan i-STAT 1 Analyzer against the following list to ensure you have everything required to set up the analyzer:
    1. If you ordered the VetScan i-STAT 1 Starter Kit
      1. VetScan i-STAT 1 Analyzer
      2. Two 9-volt lithium batteries
      3. VetScan i-STAT User Guide
      4. VetScan i-STAT technical bulletin packet
      5. VetScan i-STAT operator's manual
      6. Martel printer
      7. VetScan i-STAT 1 serial downloader
    2. If you ordered only the VetScan i-STAT 1 Analyzer:
      1. VetScan i-STAT 1 Analyzer
      2. Two 9-volt lithium batteries
      3. VetScan i-STAT User Guide
  3. Complete the warranty online at within 10 days of installation to start the warranty period. Customers are placed on the customer mailing list to receive information pertaining to the VetScan i-STAT 1 Analyzer, such as software upgrades and new product announcements.

Step 2: Install/Change Batteries

  1. Slide the battery compartment door off.
  2. Tilt the analyzer to slide out the battery carrier.
  3. Locate two (2) 9 volt lithium batteries. Insert a battery into each side of battery carrier, matching + and - marks on batteries to the + and - marks on battery carrier.
  4. Slide battery carrier into the analyzer (Label facing up).
  5. Slide battery door back into place.

Step 3: Check/Change Date and Time

  1. Turn on analyzer
  2. Press Menu to change screen to Administration Menu.
  3. Press 5 (Set Clock)
  4. Press Ent (No password is required)
  5. Use arrow keys to move the cursor to a digit if it needs to be changed. Use number keys to change digit.
  6. Press Ent to accept changes, or Menu to cancel changes.

Step 4: Check Software and Status

  1. From the Administration Menu, press 1.
  2. Check that software (CLEW & Version) in the Analyzer is up to date.

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